Serving our community for over 25 years

Founded in 1988, Salem Rehabilitation Associates was created to provide a much needed service for our community.  At the time there was no local option for the rehabilitation of stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions requiring intensive rehabilitation.

Dr.Charles Moore worked with Salem Hospital to develop an in-patient rehabilitation unit to help patients regain functional independence after severe injury or illness. Dr. Moore was joined by Dr. John French in 1988 to form Salem Rehabilitation Associates which continues to provide medical services for the comprehensive in-patient rehabilitation unit, as well as providing longitudinal out-patient care for patients with chronic impairments and disabilities.

Salem Rehabilitation Associates has grown to include five rehabilitation physicians who continue to serve the Willamette Valley by treating many acute problems as well, including non surgical musculoskeletal disorders, sports and work injuries, and whiplash. All our physicians are trained in electrodiagnosis, and can help diagnose neurological problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and “pinched nerves” with evaluations known as nerve conduction tests and electromyography.

Mission Statement

We are physicians dedicated to providing excellent rehabilitation care to optimize quality of life and restore function to those who have lost it through injury, illness or disabling conditions.